A Little About Us

Supreme Suds founder Frank Campbell brings nearly a decade of Aerospace industry experience and knowledge to the company. With a background in Quality Assurance and Project Management working with MHI Canada Aerospace and Bombardier he sets the highest standards of quality customer service and satisfaction in all we do. Frank’s strong leadership and technical skills plus a deep passion for cars, aircraft and detailing come together to create the products and services that make Supreme Suds Niagara’s number one choice.

Adding to the team is Lead Detailer Andres Plazas who brings a commitment and dedication to ensuring your vehicles treatments exceed your expectations. His 13 years in Aerospace Industry experience building, repairing and maintaining a variety of aircraft combined with his skills and expertise in details and delivering quality driven results ensures you and your vehicle receive the results.

A Little About Detailing

A professional vehicle detail is much more than washing, waxing and vacuuming. It’s a systematic approach to removing the visible and invisible contaminants from your vehicle’s interior and exterior, removing stains, restoring lustre and shine and adding protective elements to help extend your vehicles life and value.

Using top rated industry approved products and methods, a professional detail  cleans, santizes and reduces the damage to your cars interior synthetic carpet, upholstery, natural fibres, plastics, leathers, vinyl and carbon composites On the exterior, paint decontamination and restoration will remove blemishes, water stains, swirls, light scratches and marring while helping protect against damges caused by environmental elements which breakdown the lustre and shine of your paint,

                                  A Professional Detail will:

  • Extract dirt, grime, stains, bacteria  from your carpet, upholstery and mats
  • Clean those hard to reach nooks and crannies of the entire interior cabin
  • Gives dash, doors, vents and console protection against UV ray damage, fading, cracking and daily wear
  • Decontamination of exterior paint from environmental damage and contaminates
  • First, second and third stage paint correction from a quick polish to the fullest restoration and factory reset enhancement
  • Intense polishing, buffing and waxing rejuvenates and protects lustre and shine
  • Ultimate paint protection with 1, 5, 10 year and lifetime certified ceramic coating application
  • Engine bay cleaning and complete deep detailing
  • Headlight restoration and more!

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