Why and What to look for in a Professional Detailer

Why and What to look for in a Professional Detailer

Francis Campbell

What does your car mean to you? If you asked ten people you most likely would get ten
different answers. For some it’s strictly a method to get from A to B but for the greater
majority it’s much deeper ranging from a passion to part of their identity. Whether it’s a
Minivan or Maserati, a new or “new to you” car, you most likely put a great deal of time,
consideration and money into it. So how do you protect and extend your vehicle’s interior
and exterior value? Taking care of your car usually means regular oil changes, mechanic
visits for preventative maintenance and a good wash now and then. But there’s much
more to it than that.

The interior of your vehicle takes the brunt of daily wear and tear, spills, salt stains, pet fur,
dander, germs and more. There are many visible and even more invisible germs, debris and
dirt hiding out in your interior. The upholstery, dash, console, arm and headrests, mats and
carpet all trap and hold dirt and are subject to breakdown, fading and damage. Regular
interior detailing keeps you and your vehicle sanitized and protected. Keeping the exterior
clean is also more than a soap and water wash. Using the right products to break down
contamination that damages and fades paint is just a first step in exterior care. Protecting
the integrity, shine and depth of colour can be achieved through clay bar, the use of proper
wax products, hand and machine buffing to the ultimate protection of ceramic coatings.
When it comes to car care choosing a Professional Auto Detailer is as important a decision
as choosing your mechanic.

In most cities there are many detailers to choose from but as with dining out you can
choose a drive through all the way to a high end steakhouse. Detailers range not only in
their prices, packages and services offered but most importantly in their level of knowledge,
quality assurance, attention to detail and overall delivery of service. A detailer will always
make your car cleaner but a professional detailer will make it almost new again!
Not all professional detailers are good detailers or up to date with the trends, techniques
and standards of the industry. Not all detailers use top rated industry approved products or
proper tools and machines. A good professional detailer uses a wide variety of premium
industry rated products that address, correct and protect every area of your vehicle. Their
equipment is a combination of specialty tools with specific uses and powerful extraction,
steam and other machines from authorized manufacturers. A professional detailer has
knowledge of how to treat upholstery, leather, vinyl and paint issues along with knowing the
latest in industry trends. These are the things that make the difference in a good, a great or
the best professional detailer. So when choosing your detailer consider more than just the
bottom line price. Affordability is important but in most cases the difference in services
between detailers varies by $50-$100 but this equates to a difference in the overall quality
of services and the lasting protection for your investment.

Another thing to look for in a reputable detailer is someone who will be upfront about how
far they can restore any damage. Not all scratches are the same. Some affect the surface
of the paint others are much deeper which dictates how far a detailer’s restoration can go.
A reputable detailer will discuss this upfront so your expectations are in line with what the
outcome will be. They will point out areas of concern, the best way to protect against future
damage and if issues are discovered during the detail that may require extra charges they’ll
discuss them with you before proceeding. A professional detail cannot be equated to a car
wash and wipe and the cost of a detail will reflect the things we’ve discussed from products
and equipment to techniques and industry knowledge.. Detailing done right is a
labor-intensive, time-consuming, tedious and detail oriented service. Detailing done right
not only cleans your vehicle, it restores and protects it. Detailing done right means you drive
away happy with the outcome enjoying that new car feeling once again. What does your
vehicle mean to you?

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