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We are dedicated to providing quality service, customer satisfaction at a great value. We can be anywhere you need us to be.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the friendliest, most convenient hand car wash experience possible.

Mobile Auto Detailing

No more waiting hours in a car-wash lobby. No more having to waste your valuable time waiting while your vehicle gets cleaned or detailed. No more having to wait long hours in an busy public waiting room or lobby.

Now you can stay at home and stay safe! Now you can save those valuable few hours spent waiting for your car and instead continue on with your daily routine and responsibilities while your car is being detailed at your home.

Detailed Vehicle Sanitation

Ask yourself, is my car really fully safe and sanitized?

Supreme Suds offers an auto sanitation service which comes to your place of choice so you do not have to even take your vehicle anywhere! The products, equipment and technicians will arrive and carry out a highly detailed sanitation process on all of the commonly used/touched areas of your vehicle. All products have been approved and proven products to help kill bacterial and virus’s like COVID-19!

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Interior Only Complete Deep Clean

A detailed interior restoration where technicians focus on removing all the visible and invisible dirt, debris, dust and germs from the entire cabin.  Cleaning and treating all the high touch areas and the difficult to clean spots such as under the seats, seating tracks, vent tubes and all the nooks and crannies leaving your vehicle feeling fresh, clean and looking like new again.


  • Full door, console, dash and vents for dust and odour removal.
  • Seats, carpets, under the seats and all hard to reach places thoroughly vacuumed.
  • Spot stain removal on seats and carpets
  • Door jambs, hinges, conduits and all rubber seals around door jambs cleaned free of old built up grease and debris
  • Leather cleaning, spot stain removal, and conditioning process
  • Trunk vacuumed and cleaned *Must be emptied prior to appointment

AVERAGE TIME- 3 ~ 5 Hours


Cars $149.99             SUVs  $164.99            Vans/Trucks $174.99

Common Add on Services with this package: *Full Upholstery Shampooing +49.99  ** Engine Cleaning +74.99

*surcharges may apply starting at: Excessive Dog Hair +$39.99   Excessive Mud/Sand +$24.99

Basic Interior/Exterior Detail Package

A step up from the basic Interior package is the Basic Interior and Exterior, where you have all the features from the Basic Interior with added focus on Mitt wash, wheel wells and tire cleaning leaving your vehicles interior and exterior fresh and clean.


  • Door panels, dash, vents and console cleaned right into the smallest of places.
  • Buttons, knobs, handles and high touch areas cleaned and sanitized.
  • Deep Vacuuming of Seats and carpets and trunk.
  • Spot stain removal from seats and carpets. *Full Shampooing and excessive stain removal can be added.
  • Car Mats vacuumed.
  • Interior glass and mirror streak free cleaning.
  • Door jambs and rubber seals around doors cleaned and conditioned.
  • Leather cleaning and treatment as required.
  • Trunk vacuumed and cleaned, trim treated with conditioner.
  • Exterior Power-wash, Pre-washing removing any unwanted contaminants from the paints surface.
  • Foam bath and solvent cleaning.
  • Mitt Wash and removal of bugs, tar, mud and minor contaminants.
  • Detailed, soft touch Hand Dry.
  • Brake dust cleaning.
  • Tires , rims, wheel wells, around the Rim Bolts, and inside the barrel of the rim cleaned.
  • Exterior Windows cleaned streak free

AVERAGE TIME – 4 ~ 6 Hours


Cars $174.99              SUVs  $194.99           Vans/Trucks $214.99 

Common Add on Services with this package: *Full/Excessive Stain Removal +44.99  ** Upholstery Shampoo +$49.99, ***Machine Wax +$79.99

*surcharges may apply for: Excessive Pet Hair +$39.99  Excessive Mud/Sand +$24.99


Our most Popular Package, the Gold Package! This Package is the full detail experience when the goal of the detail is restoration to a like new condition, right down the finest of details!


  • Door panels, dash, vents and console cleaned, sanitized  protected.
  • Button knob, handle and high touch area cleaned and sanitized.
  • Seats and carpets vacuuming and stain removal.
  • Car Mats vacuumed and shampooed
  • Interior glass and mirror cleaning.
  • Door jambs and rubber seals treated and protected
  • Leather cleaned, conditioned.
  • Trunk vacuumed and cleaned, minor stain removal included
  • Exterior pre-wash
  • Snow foam blaster
  • Mitt wash with bug, tar and mud removal.
  • Hand dry
  • De-greaser application
  • Brake dust cleaning
  • Tire and rims cleaned and dressed
  • Exterior trim dressed

AVERAGE TIME – 6~ 9 Hours


Cars $274.99            SUVs  $294.99           Vans/Trucks $324.99 

Common Add on Services with this package: *Full Engine Detail +$99.99 **Machine Wax starting at +$79.99 ***Headlight restoration +64.99

*surcharges may apply starting at: Excessive Pet Hair +$39.99  Excessive Mud/Sand +$24.99


The Luxury Package, as the name says this details is full luxury for your vehicle. From every last detail on the interior, right down to doing Paint Decontamination and Paint correction and having you paintwork looking years younger! Supreme Suds Luxury Package is bringing the otherwise specialty service of paint correction into daily detailing service, bringing the gloss and shine end result to a whole new level!


  • Door panels, dash, vents and console cleaned, sanitized and protective coating applied.
  • Button knob, handle and high touch area cleaned sanitization.
  • Full vacuum and Shampooing of Interiors Upholstery.
  • Car Mats vacuumed and shampooed.
  • Interior Stain Extraction on seats, carpets and mats.
  • Interior glass and mirror cleaning to streak free finish guaranteed.
  • Leather cleaned, conditioned and treated with moisturizing products.
  • Door jambs and rubber seals around doors treated and conditioned.
  • Trunk vacuumed and cleaned, stain removal included
  • Exterior pre-wash
  • Foam Cannon Wash Treatment.
  • Engine Cleaning.
  • Brake dust Cleaned
  • Wheel Wells Cleaned and Dressed.
  • Tire and Rims Cleaned, Dressed and Protected.
  • Exterior Trim Dressed.
  • Soft Cloth of Touchless Cleaning.
  • Soft touch hand or touchless drying.
  • Iron and Organic fallout decontamination and Clay Bar process carried out if required.
  • Paint Correction* Price for paint correction can vary based-on condition, desired result, etc.
  • Machine Wax application.
  • Chrome Treatment and Polish.
  • Headlight Restoration.

*Level of restoration for Paint Correction to be determined at beginning of detail. Price of Paint correction Service is to be discussed and agreed upon prior starting service. Factors include: Current Paint Condition, Desired outcome and visual result, type of vehicle. Understanding that Paint Correction can range from a 1HR Quick Polish, to a 10HR Factory Reset/Showroom Finish!

AVERAGE TIME – 10~ 16 Hours


Cars $379.99            SUVs  $399.99           Vans/Trucks $449.99 

Common Add on Services with this package: * Ceramic Coating starting at +399.99 **Full Engine Detail Upgrade +$79..99

*surcharges may apply starting at: Excessive Pet Hair +$39.99  Excessive Mud/Sand +$24.99

Professional ``Quick Wash`` Exterior Only

This Special offer is a trail service offered in 2021! Our Professional Quick Wash, is an appointment based in and out type service that is meant to be a step up from the typical local drive thru car washes! Our team will book a 30 min wash that has the professional attention and care given to protect from scratching your vehicles paint work, and detail that will will hand wipe each crevice of all rims clean and sparkling.

  • Exterior pre-wash
  • De-greaser application
  • Brake dust cleaning
  • Tires and Rims cleaned
  • Snow Foam Blaster
  • Mitt Wash and removal minor contaminants.
  • Hand and or Air Dry.

AVERAGE TIME – 30 ~ 40 Mins


Cars $49.99            SUVs  $54.99           Vans/Trucks $59.99 

Common Add on Services with this package:

* Tire Shine +$4.99  **Trim Dressing +$9.99 ***Spray Wax +$24.99

*surcharges may apply starting at:   Excessive Mud/Sand/Tar/Sap/Bugs +$9.99


Ceramic Coatings are the absolute top quality protection you can apply over your vehicles paint job to help make that new shine last for years! Our Shop is a certified Ceramic Pro Installation Shop and are fully certified and warrantied!

In saying that, it is also one of those services which is best quoted over some form of communication as there and a series of questions to be asked, and many factors which can drastically alter the price in either direction!

Please fell free to contact Frank at (647)613-9663 and discuss any questions about what exactly a ceramic coating is, and what benefits it has for your vehicle.


**This service runs from April 15th-October 15th


Whether it’s getting ready for a new season or time to wind down for the winter, maintaining your boat, Yacht or RV is important to your vessel’s appearance and value. Cleaning and protecting your investment is something we specialize in. Our Mobile Unit services the entire Niagara Region with our individual services or customized packages to meet your needs


  • Exterior Wash and Wax – $19.00 per ft. $21.00 per ft with fly bridge
  • Wash and Wax Rub Rail Down – $11.00 per ft.
  • Wash and Wax Topside – $12.00 per ft. $15.00 with fly bridge
  • Complete Interior Detail including Shampoo $50 per hour
  • Interior Odour Removal Shock treatment $75-$130
  • Pressure Washing $4.00 per ft.
  • High Speed Buffing – Estimate required


With almost a decade of Aerospace Experience, specializing in Bombardier Private Jet Manufacturing Division. Using the highest of Aviation Quality Assurance standards make sure that your craft is clean and sanitized from the cockpit to the galley. Whether it’s a personal aircraft or part of a fleet our Mobile team will work within your scheduled down time to ensure you are back in the air as quickly and cleanly as possible. Contact us for a service quote and schedule.


Supreme Suds offers complete detail services or programs that can be customized to meet your business needs, maintain and protect your equipment’s value and appearance plus provide sanitization for your employee safety. Our Mobile Unit and skilled Detail Technicians make servicing your business convenient throughout the Niagara Region with our on-site services including exterior washes, interior details and sensitization, engine bay cleaning, vehicle polishing and more. Contact us to discuss your business needs.


Have multiple vehicles or a fleet of vehicles for your business? We understand the value of your time, your investment and the importance of appearances when your name is on it. Supreme Suds and our Mobile Detail Unit will work with your team to take care of the detailing needs of your fleet. We provide weekly, bi-weekly or monthly packages to detail the interior/exterior of your vehicles and will customize a package and service schedule that works for you. Contact us to discuss your requirements.